Coaching is not about fixing what is broken –coaching is a resource and tool to build on what you are currently up to in business and in your personal life. Coaching is your tool to strengthen muscles in areas where you are already doing well; to identify areas not working and implement change; to shift resources and intentions to achieve the results beyond where you are currently performing.

Most people understand coaching in the sports world and the need for a coach – it is a given that the team you root for – has a lead coach – completely committed to the team; the individual – providing the tools, guidance, assessments for the athlete(s) to achieve their maximum potential.

Laurie Fettinger has been successfully coaching businesses and individuals since 1998. An award winning former senior executive for Fortune 50 companies and a highly trained executive/business coach, Laurie has successfully implemented transformational programs for businesses and teams; developed medical practices from the ground floor up; helped entrepreneurs and individuals build, grow and produce results.

Our clients include start-up businesses to Fortune 100 companies; non-profit organizations; marketing and technology companies; individuals up to something in their life, their commitments and their goals. We consult, coach, and train executives, managers, teams and leaders to create futures, produce outcomes, and learn needed skills that move their business beyond what they can currently foresee and predict. Our clients create customized, uniquely-fitted programs for themselves through our coaching. Coaching facilitates and assists the implementation of your goals and commitments.

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